Horacio Andres Vargas Guzman
Researcher Group Leader

Ph.D. en Física - Jozef Stefan Institute - Group Leader Instituto Jožef Stefan - Instituto de Investigaciones Físicas


Theoretical bio-physicist at the UAM and JSI, former MPI for Polymer Research, PhD in physics at the UAM. He works on the theoretical development of analytical and computational methods for exploring molecular phenomena of biomaterials, in particular the dis/assembly processes occurring in viruses with RNA. He has presented his published work in several scientific conferences, mainly devoted to Soft Matter simulations and also scientific computing workshops and tutorials tackling HPC, C/C++ and Python.

Twitter: @whoratz

Github: govarguz

Nombre Evento Tipo
Modelado de propiedades mecánicas de nanofibras poliméricas con pyDAMPF Python Científico Latino América 2022 workshop